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Peter Siegert
Stocktaker, Valuer and Retail Auditor - Suffolk

"I am an experienced stocktaker with nearly 30 years’ of experience in the licensed trade. I worked for a national pub company for over a decade, before starting my own stocktaking business in 2000, covering London and the South East.

I was introduced to GIFT by a client of mine four years ago and I was instantly impressed with the value they could offer other existing clients. I have recommended GIFT ever since and have seen significantly improved gross profits in all sites.

I offer independent advice and am proud to recommend GIFT."

South London Irish Association

Terry Connolly is able to pass on the savings he makes by purchasing through GIFT to his members.

"We joined GIFT a little over 4 years ago and have never looked back. We use the improved prices to allow us to drop the price to the members, who were very pleased and at the same time, increase the £surplus to ensure the future wellbeing of the Club."

The Pig and Whistle - London W10

Neil O'Sullivan let’s GIFT negotiate the drinks prices, allowing him to focus on other areas of his business.

"I’m busy enough running a pub and keeping an eye on the competition, so when GIFT came to my attention it was like a breath of fresh air. I've improved my margins and freed up time which I use focussing on retailing and marketing - turnover is up and costs are down. Simple but effective."

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