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GIFT is funded by the suppliers. There is no cost to the member. You receive the full discount that is paid off invoice. Should you wish to have part of the discount paid retrospectively this can be arranged.


We have dedicated account handlers with all of our nominated suppliers. It’s their job to maintain the high standards of service that you expect. Local representatives will also call on your outlet(s) to make sure everything is running smoothly and to supply you with point of sale and promotions.

Wines, Spirits and Minerals

The full range of wines and spirits is available by the case as well as by the bottle. The Complete Schweppes and Britvic range is also available. All prices quoted are national terms and are paid off invoice.


It takes about two weeks for the changeover to take place. During this period the Technical Services work is surveyed and planned and you’ll receive a visit from the agreed supplier(s) who will set up your new account and agree any marketing support that may be required to launch new brands.

Margin maintenance

Margin Maintenance has been negotiated with our suppliers as part of this package. This keeps the terms competitive and helps to off-set price increases. For example, if we were getting an average 50% discount then the effect of any future price increase would be halved. This excludes budget increases of course.


You’ll receive regular updates on the latest services and prices that have been secured on behalf of our members. Please make sure we have your e-mail address so you don’t miss out on the latest offers and prices.

Credit Terms

Members pay suppliers by Direct Debit and the standard practice of giving personal guarantees applies.


Full Point of Sale and Promotional Support is guaranteed and a price comparison service is offered to demonstrate the financial benefit.

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